January 16th, 2004


Democratic Campaign 2004 Blog Feeds

Rounding up some of the Democratic candidates' blog feeds:

Clark  generallyspeak or wesley_clark_04
Dean  deanforamerica or blogforamerica
Edwards  johnedwards
Kerry  kerryblog
Lieberman  rss04lieberman

Yeah, at least Clark and Dean each have official feeds coming into LJ via two different formats, but each with the same material from the same source. For anyone who's short on their syndication points, that means everyone who's for a particular candidate would do better if all could swing on over to the same feed, but that's for them to decide, I suppose.

I couldn't find an official feed from Gephardt's campaign, nor for any of the others still in the running. A blog on campaign ads gives some possibly useful feeds about the ad side of the campaign over at http://www.bushout.tv/archives/26.html, including ones on Gephardt and the rest.

After Iowa, watch rss04electionnh. Then there's still wbdemocrats chirping along. And opinion/commentary via feeds such as rssdonkeyrising.

And of course, there's the Democratic National Committee's own feed via kickin_ass (or its lonely duplicate over at dnc_kicking_ass).
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LonghornBlogs Feeds

I went to create a syndicated account for LonghornBlogs.com's RSS feeds, but it appears it already exists: longhornblogs. As of this writing, I am the second viewer.

However, what didn't exist were the MS and Non-MS feeds. If you're interested specifically in either of these, they can be found at longhornblogsms and longhornblogsnm, respectively.

If you don't know about LonghornBlogs.com, or don't know what Longhorn is, take a look at LonghornBlogs.com (will open in new window).