January 20th, 2004

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New feed: eXile,ru, English-language Moscow alternative weekly

I've set up a new feed here at LJ: exileru, for The eXile, a searingy funny and informative English-language alternative weekly from Moscow. I think of it as McSweeney's (mcsweeneysrss) at the end of the world (which, it turns out, is a pretty good place for it.) (RSS)

Recent articles include:

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A fimoculous is a micro-organism that lives in its own excrement, oftentimes consuming it for sustenance.

Fimoculli are therefore self-perpetuating and ecological: what other organisms consume their own waste?

A mono-parasite. A homo-symbiosis.

Fimoculous.com devours the filth expunged on the mediascape.

Added Rex Sorgatz's blog at fimoculous.