January 22nd, 2004

wings of a dove -- madness
  • kibbles

iTunes music store 10 new releases


Latest releases at the itunes music store.

Note, when you get an actual post, clicking on the link will open up itunes, taking you directly to the store (but won't make you BUY it).

Also, there is a generator for more specific feeds, like a pop one or whatever, would anyone like the link for that? I figured this one was broader, more inclusive, instead of making a bunch of little feeds, or one that would interest just me. This covered all their options.
  • irilyth

Fedora feeds

I've created fedora_updates, for Fedora "Security Alerts, Bugfixes, and Enhancements".

I also plan to create fedora_news_updates ("Weekly (or bi-weekly) Newsletter") and fedora_tips ("Quick Tips submitted by Fedora Users") feeds, if/when those portions of fedoranews.org have RSS feeds.

(no subject)

I love the gaim instant messaging client. It's like Trillian, only it's open source, supports more protocols, and completely non-commerical.

It lets you connect on:

Gadu-Gadu (Polish instant messaging network)
AIM's TOC (it's AIM, only it goes over the text-only network that AIM uses for it's browser-based clients)

Plus it works on both Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix. It might take a little more effort installing on some operating systems though.

It's updated regularly, so they created a RSS feed to keep people up to date. It's update once a week, so your friends list won't be stuffed with pointless entries.

pidginnews - Keep up to date with the latest news about gaim and the messaging networks it uses.