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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, January 26, 2004

12:00AM - Mars Rovers

I set up a RSS feed that mirrors the Mars Rover Status Page at spaceflightnow.com The LJ syndication is sfn_mera
There were lots of updates during Opportunity's landing, but it's quieted down now.

12:14AM - folklore.org

All fans of the Macintosh should read daringfireball's introduction to a new web site chronicling the development of the original Macintosh and its team. It's called Folklore, and you can add folkloredotorg to your friends list to keep up with new articles.

Current mood: geeky

12:32AM - Feed: L.A. Observed

I didn't create this feed (for once), but I do like it: la_observed, for L.A. Observed, a site about "Los Angeles media, books and sense of place".

It's good reading for everyone, whether in L.A. or not.

5:54PM - Belle de Jour

The blog of London call girl Belle de Jour is now syndicated here on LiveJournal. belledejouruk. Enjoy.

9:27PM - New feed, for whitehouse.org

New feed here: whitehouseorg, the web site for whitehouse.org. Recent stories include:

Current mood: Presidentious
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