January 29th, 2004

furball - huh?


I'll plug a feed while I'm here -> coming_soon for Coming Soon.net - great movie site.

But I also have a question, and I couldn't figure out where to ask this.

Is there any way I can create a feed for a site that does not appear to have a rss or xml option? The site in question is a friend's blog, which appears to be in cold fusion (another friend of hers designed it). And frankly I keep forgetting to go to her site and read it, so it would be much easier if I could add it to my LJ friends list.

Can anyone tell me how I might do that?

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the Lantern feed

I've created an RSS feed for the Lantern (using myRSS, thx to earlier post about how to do that). I gather the feed is likely to suck, but if you want to try getting the Lantern on your Friends' page, you can add it. It's thelantern

the Lantern is the daily student newspaper of The Ohio State University.

edit: two things -- one, RSSfeed does suck, and two, the lantern DOES have an RSS feed of its own (which I only found out after RSS feed somehow linked to the directions, which is weird).

now I have to try to fix the above link and I'm afraid I don't know how. Feel very ignorant and bothersome. Can someone help?

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My Site and its Application site

I have setup a couple of feeds, which may interest others.

I have redesigned and revamped my web site, and so have set a feed to it, for my friends here, and anyone else who might like it to see. Its mainly got links to Online games and Online News, but also have lots of pictures and cartoons on it too, and it will grow a lot over the coming weeks, might be one to watch.... hehehe

The other feed is to phpNuke.org which is the application I've used behind my web site. Hopefully this too might be of interest to some.

ukteddy_feed and phpnukedotorg

Oh, and I know I have seen this before here, but can't remember if there was an answer.

Both my feeds appear as links rather than showing the text posted.

Is this because of something that creates the feeds, and can this be changed? Is it the application that does it, or is it something on the hosting of the site they are on? I want to change it if its possible?
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