February 5th, 2004

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For you sports Junkies

I just added a number of RSS feeds from ESPN.com that I couldn't find anywhere:

espn_headlines - general sports headlines
espn_mlb - mlb news
espn_nhl - nhl news
espn_nba - nba news
espn_nfl - nfl news

Check them out. They are all direct rss feeds from ESPN with the exception of the nba feed (already existed), which I have asked LJ support to switch to the espn feed from newsisfree because the current link is broken (hasn't yet been switched).
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a bunch of feeds you should read

I just ran out of syndication points, so I figured I might as well post the list of all of the RSS feeds that I created/maintain so that some of you will read them too! Here they are, least popular to most popular:

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Art Blogging Los Angeles

I just added a feed from art_blogging_la .

This is their blurb about it. Let's join and see what they are about.

"This extension of blogging.la is the first cohesive art blog dedicated entirely to the art happenings in Los Angeles. Since there are so many wonderful artists and galleries working and thriving in LA it seems necessary to have a place where interested folks can read about what's coming out, reviews of shows, and general musing about the LA art scene. This blog will definitely be more opinion based rather than boring art show descriptions but that's what makes blogging so great...it gives people an opportunity to discuss and create a dialogue about things that intrigue them. Anyway, we're starting off small with just a couple of writers to see the direction this blog will go. Hopefully it will better unite the diversified Los Angeles art community as well as muster up some interest in the arts."
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