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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, February 21, 2004

9:21AM - Added "Telegraph News, UK, Front Page News"


11:50AM - more itunes feeds

In the vein of these other iTunes feeds found here:


I have added three new feeds from iTunes:

itunesworldadd iTuens 25 Recently Added: World
itunesworldnew iTunes 25 New Releases: World
itunesfeatured 25 Featured & Exclusive Albums (all genres)


12:31PM - CNet news feed

I was pleased to find that there's an LJ feed for CNet news! It's here:


11:35PM - The Daily Mislead

Yay!!! Misleader.org finally got around to adding RSS feeds of The Daily Mislead. I think I bugged them enough and they gave in.

I just created a syndicated account for it: dailymislead.

A description from Misleader.org as to what this is: "Misleader.org will provide an accurate daily chronicle for journalists of mis-representations, distortions and downright misleading statements by President Bush and the Bush Administration. Misleader.org is presented as a service of MoveOn.org, the on-line public interest group."

Current mood: ecstatic
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