March 3rd, 2004


DVDAttache News

I just created dvdattache_feed as a syndicated account for DVDAttache News.
DVD cataloging application for Mac OS X, Windows, and other Java 1.4-enabled platforms.
DVDAttache is a great program written by my buddy mlsmithjr, who recently added an RSS feed to the website to make it easier to keep up with news that he posts about the application. If you've got a DVD collection of any size, I highly recommend this program. If you're using this program, I highly recommend you add the feed to your friends list.

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I've syndicated interesting blogs that I've come across over the last recent while, and thought maybe others might enjoy them, too.

acrossbeyondthr - This is the blog of a Unitarian Universalist minister. He's a fascinating writer.

lettersofmarque - She is an absolutely fascinating writer. She's a Michigan law student.

homicidalmaniak - She's in the Air Force and stationed in Germany. She's very opinionated. It's interesting to read.

sonsofmosiah - A Mormon religious/ethics blog.

mormoninquiry - Another Mormon-related blog. Commentary and links to news, events, books, and articles.

utahpolitics - The name Utah Politics is kind of self-explanatory...
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A new site from the guy who created Gizmodo, this is his new full-time Gadget blog. For the shiny-cool-things inclined LJ community, its feed is available here:

engadget :

I called it engadget, and _feed was added to the end of the LJ name... this seems to be new behaviour, or I'm horribly confused. Nevermind, it all seems to work!