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Syn_Promo - Day

Thursday, March 4, 2004

12:49PM - UU feeds

I just added uuadiversitycom: We are the Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Multicultural Transformation Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association

I tried to add boyinthebands and found that it was already there. I don't recall seeing it mentioned, so I figured I'd do so.

1:12PM - The Right Christians

Just added another one: rightchristians
It is time for the Christian Right to meet the right Christians.

2:15PM - More Wil Wheaton

Fans of Wil Wheaton's blog [wilwheaton, wilwheaton] may be interested in his Slashdot user journal, wheatonslashdot.

2:18PM - National Geographic?

Does anyone know if there's already a LJ feed for National Geographic? I know they have one ( http://news.nationalgeographic.com/index.rss ), but couldn't find one in the official LJ listing. I didn't want to create one if someone had already made a link for it.

3:00PM - A couple of recent ones.

dotaturls is a list of interesting web sites I have found.

f_secure Is a weblog maintained by the F-Secure anti-virus researchers.

6:38PM - As a follow up to my previous post . . .

I have now added natlgeographic. It's a new and really good feed.

I have a stand-alone RSS reader in addition to LJ, and subscribed to it there for a few days to test it. I had forgotten what a good source of information they are. They post air dates for televised specials, as well as articles on culture and the world. Recommended. Enjoy!

8:14PM - Alternative Religions

altreligions is a feed for new articles posted to About.com's Alternative Religions feature.

Typical recent articles have included:
"What is Satanism?"
"Candomble: Brazil's African Religion"
"Alchemy lab mistaken for Meth lab"

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