March 15th, 2004

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blog_of_death honors the recently deceased with links to obituaries of the famous, infamous and interesting unknowns. People may die, but on the Web, their legacy lives on.

jadedwritings: Delve into the mind of Jade Walker, a Seattle writer with a unique perspective of the world. Columns are published every Monday, and contain a broad range of topics and opinions. Last week's column: Dr. Seuss.

afterthoughts__: Jade Walker's Weblog offers commentary on her life, loves and intriguing Internet finds. Recent topics include: chats with Chris Rock's friends, moving and chewable birth control.
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Scott Kurtz, creator of PVP Comic has a MoBlog (a moble phone blog) on TextAmerica. He doesn't post often, but it's still fun to keep up with so I made an RSS journal out of it. I'm willing to spend the point, but I thought I'd share it out to see if anyone else wanted to subscribe.


Environmental LJ syndicated accounts

Some of these I created and others I just subscribe to. Thought I would promote them in case anyone else might be interested in adding them.

Environmental LJ syndicated accounts:

LJ Username - Website
bushgreenwatch -
envt_aboutcom -
envirolink -
mo_envt_news -
nat_geo_envr -
bbc_scitech -

News, Rants, Soliloquies and Reveries Blog added

Just to let you know, my Australian blog, "News, Rants, Soliloquies and Reveries" is now available for syndication: newsrants

I should try to produce some witty reason why you should subscribe, I suppose. But I guess I prefer the deadpan approach.

Sample thought: "I'm watching Sandra Bullock in 28 Days and it is making me wish I was a drug addict. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is that Steve Buscemi plays her counsellor and keeps giving her dissaproving looks and I'm convinced that the way he is getting himself into character is by thinking about how bad her acting is."