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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

2:33AM - Mozilla News

Direct from Mozilla.org


7:54PM - feminist_otd

I'm just posting to celebrate the fact that feminist_otd earned its 100th reader today!

And I promise I'm getting around to putting all of everyone's suggestions in the database, really I am.

8:27PM - The Technology Log

The Technology Log (LJuser="techupdate") has gone rebel and moved to the Movable Type server.

For all of you who still want your regular fix of gadgets, gizmos, and cutting edge technology, you can get the stories as they come in here:


(entries include full text and images)

9:12PM - Al-Jazeera feed

Since it didn't look like anyone had created a feed for the Al-Jazeera RSS mentioned in an earlier post, so now al_jazeera exists. Enjoy.

10:06PM - Perplexing Times

I recently created perplexingtimes to syndicate Perplexing Times, the blog of an infant with a unique look at the world. It's a hoot.

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