March 21st, 2004

Mysteries of LJ "Support":

Apparently, there is now a corrected feed for the site called "South Knox Bubba," through not a correction to the original feed I.D. (southknoxbubba), but by way of someone (not me) having created another feed altogether for the same site.

So, to make a long story short, someone has now created skbubba with the correct(ed) feed URL for the same site (while earlier feed southknoxbubba is sitting there as a feed with an inaccurate URL (for same site).

To make it even more tedious (for me, at least, perhaps some people don't find these things so), I just received a "Support" response from LJ for the earlier Request I'd made -- -- telling me that Support can't duplice URLs for different I.D.s. What I find most tedious is that I even contacted Support in the first place and made any effort to ask for someone to correct a feed.

Not like Support says that they opted to create another I.D. with the correct URl inorder to solve the original Support request, if that's who created the second I.D. (perhaps they didn't, it's really not important who did, just that these round-about "Support" interactions that take days to wade through and read prove time and again to be a waste of time and effort).

Here's a suggestion for anyone reading this: perhaps there can be some effective means to manage either correcting inaccurate URLs assigned to various feed I.D.s, or, some simple announcement method to delete one I.D. when another with corrected feed URL assigned is created. Otherwise, trying to followup on these incidents is like herding cats.