March 24th, 2004

Kissing Larry

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A couple new feeds I've created, that nobody might care about but me.

I'm sharing them anyway :)

fakepeterman - feed for "Hey, Fake Peterman!" - a fantastic blog chronicling news of both the "real" J. Peterman, as well as Seinfeld news. Such as it is.

fuzzyco - feed for FuzzyCo, the blog of Fuzzy Gerdes, one of the cornerstones of the Chicago improv scene.

cubreporter - feed for The Cub Reporter, which is, in my mind, the best Chicago Cubs blog out there. Or at least my favorite. For what it's worth.
I hear the number 3.


Noam Chomsky's new blog, Turning The Tide is now syndicated at noamchomskyblog.

From the first entry:
This blog will include brief comments on diverse topics of concern in our time. They will sometimes come from the ZNet sustainer forum system where Noam interacts through a forum of his own, sometimes from direct submissions, sometimes culled from mail and other outlets -- always from Noam Chomsky.
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attention freelance writers

there is a feed for writersweekly, an electronic publication chock full of tips and clients for freelance writers.

note: i think i created this feed, but when i did so, it said it had two watchers right off the bat. so maybe i didn't (i'm new to feed creation). so, not taking credit necessarily, just announcing/reminding :-)

(i think if the feed had already been created, you'd get a message saying 'This feed already exists'... right?)