April 9th, 2004


Syndication Quota Removal Live

This is just to let people know that what bradfitz mentioned here regarding the removal of syndication quota is live.

There is no more quota. Any user can add as many syndicated accounts as they want to their friends list. Paid and Permanent accounts can create syndicated feeds, as before. But no more quota worries!
  • kirbyk

More Feeds to watch

Now that Syndication Points are an historical detail, there are probably a lot of people out there thinking, "I'd like to add some good syndicated feeds. What's out there that I'm missing?"

So, here's some from my friends list, that are off the beaten path, straight to you!

hitherby_feed - Hitherby Dragons is sort of like a webcomic. But it's prose. I challenge you to find a more creative and consistently high quality fiction site on the Internet. Strange mythology-inspired stories, bizarre parody, and beautiful prose, by Rebecca Borgstrom, writer of the award-winning RPG Nobilis.

gadflyer - Gadflyer.com is a new site for Progressive Liberals, with teeth that the movement has been historically lacking. Smart, insightful, and utterly without fear. I predict this will be a must-read for anyone on the left who is politically inclined.

will_carroll - Will Caroll is an author at the sublime shrine to modern baseball analysis, Baseball Prospectus. He has a group weblog, that focuses on baseball but also talks about politics (with a left slant), music, and technology trends.

There are hundreds more out there, and more every day. Being able to watch content-rich sites for updates on your lj friends page is something that's tremendously useful, so for those of you just gaining this feature, enjoy!
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My first SynPromo post...

As part of my plan of taking over the world with killer cuteness, I present the daily dosage of cuteness kittenbreak. Your Daily Kittenbreak. One kitty picture chosen randomly from the kittenbreak.com site's bank of cuteness..

Yes, yes, the first one is not LJ-Cut. However I altered the generator code, so that any future Automatically Generated Kitten Break Goodness, will be hidden behind an LJ cut. (Because they're of varying sizes, and bandwidth eaters.)

Share and Enjoy.

The other feeds I run and maintain:

vinci_n_arty Feed of the Vinci & Arty webcomic.
jack_comic Feed of the Jack webcomic.
yna_feed Feed of the YNA recent uploads. When someone uploads an image to the gallery, the feed displays the thumbnail and links to the gallery.