April 18th, 2004


My Syndications...

Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and list my syndications:

aboutfreebies -- Frequent blogs on free stuff on the Internet from About.com (so far, it's ok; no great shakes).

awfulplasticsur -- Awful Plastic Surgery (I'm assuming this is a blog of the site; so far, I've not gotten any feeds, so I don't know if I'll keep it)

blog_of_death -- Blog of Death (Famous and not so famous obits. Really cool if you're into that kind of thing)

dailypettips -- Daily Pet Tip from Practical Pet Care (Another one I've just added and have gotten only one tip so far)

googleblog -- Google Weblog (Not authorized by google, but has interesting google stuff just the same)

hpana -- Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator (Harry Potter news -- really important if you're a fan!)

hunkoftheday -- HunkDuJour.com's Hunk of the Day (As the title suggests, a hunk each day. Most of the time, I have to google the name since I don't know who this person is except that he's cute! A good mixture of folks from around the world.)

kittenbreak -- Your Daily Kittenbreak ('nuff said!)

libertymeadows -- Liberty Meadows (I wanted to see what all the fuss was about; so far, I'm not impressed.)

markevanier -- news from me (I loved Mark's column in the Comic Buyer's Guide; since I don't sub to CBG, I enjoy his feed)

makinglight -- Making Light (SF editors talk about all kinds of stuff)

onion_pisces -- Onion Horoscope: Pisces (This is the only astrological feed there is)

pdx_communique -- The One True b!X's PORTLAND COMMUNIQUE (All about Portland the main stream press won't talk about)

peterdavidblog -- PeterDavid.net (Feed hasn't been updated in eons; don't know what's up)

pharyngula -- Pharyngula (Biology prof P.Z. Myers rants mostly about Creationists and Bush; also has other interesting things to say!)

pvp_comic -- Comics: PVP Online (Even though I'm not a gamer, I love this comic strip-- these characters are folks I know!)

romanticsf -- RomanticSF.com (since that's more or less my writing genre, this is a good one to keep up with the markets)

sci_fi_wire -- Sci Fi Wire (Blog from the Sci-Fi channel -- keep up with SF news)

sciam -- ScientificAmerican.com (for science geeks like me)

scifistorm -- Sci-Fi Storm (more or less the same as Sci-Wire, but I think SF Wire does a better job, so I might drop Sci-Fi Storm)

semagic_files -- SourceForge.net: Project File Releases: Semagic (this is the off line editor for LJ that I use; good for keeping track of updates)

slagoon_comic -- Sherman's Lagoon Comic (I fell in love with this strip when I was living in the Seattle area.)

wilwheaton -- WIL WHEATON dot NET: Where is my mind? (Wil's an entertaining blogger, well worth reading)

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Getting a feed of lj friends page with protected entries

Hi I wasn't sure where to inquire about this but I figured if no one here knew, nobody would!

Basically what I want to do is get an rss feed of my friends page with protected entries visible. From the help on livejournal I've gathered that I can get my lj feed from:

... and a feed of my journal with protected entries with:

I've tried this in thelatest version of feedreader (which seems be to the most popular RSS client) but I just get prompted for the username and password and it won't accept them when I hit 'next'

As for friends page's there doesn't seem to be any mention of this on livejournal's help but surely this is exactly what people wnat a feed of? I know I don't want to add every user on my friends list individually?!? Someone informed me I coudl get a feed of my friend's page with this though:

So is there any way of getting a friend's page feed including protected netries to feedreader, or even by using another client, thanks in advance for your help, I hope this isn't too off-topic for this community.
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New Livejournal feed! watchingjustice, for new updates from WatchingJustice.org, a website that puts out news bulletins about the US justice system, especially the DoJ.

It works like any other syndication at LJ, now that the syndpoints system is no more: that is, just set this user watchingjustice as friend, and news from that feed will appear on your friends list.

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