April 19th, 2004

Self Portrait with 220

Boston Globe Syndication Blitz

Since the Boston Globe is RSS-friendly, I decided to take advantage for the sake of the LiveJournal community. Thus, a crapload of Globe RSS feeds:

globe_pageone - Globe Page One
globe_world - Globe World
globe_living - Globe Living/Arts
globe_updated - Updated News Stories
globe_city - Globe City & Region
globe_business - Globe Business
globe_ideas - Globe Ideas Section
bostonworks - BostonWorks stories
globe_nation - Globe Nation
globe_sports - Globe Sports
globe_odds - Globe Odds & Ends

Just one word of caution: These are all brand-new, so they may do some temporary damage to your friends page (i.e. all you'll see is Globe headlines for a day or so). So you may want to wait a day or two if you think you might find that annoying.

Otherwise, friend away!

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