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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

9:58AM - Margaret Cho's weblog adds RSS feed.

A few months back, when Margaret Cho's weblog first went online, I sent an email to them, suggesting that it really should work somewhat like a weblog rather than a handcoded monstrosity... it needed permalinks and an RSS feed... badly. Her manager/webmistress/Jillofalltrades seemed a bit put out by the suggestion, at the time... probably because she -- although excellent at managing Ms. Cho's career -- is only a middling web designer with little experience in such things. Nobody's perfect.

Well, today I got an email back from Ms. Cho's new webmaster, letting me know that Ms. Cho's blog now has an XML feed. I've set it up on LJ over at margaretchoblog, for those who are interested. Knock yourself out.

(Insert obligatory comment about waarshing vaginas and people who screen their calls...)

10:03AM - O'Reilly webloggers

I've set up a ora_weblogs feed for the O'Reilly Network webloggers (of which I'm one). LJ already has a Meerkat feed somewhere, which is all feeds for all of meerkat, but that's overkill. I just want blog entries.

2:11PM - For construction workers, contractors, people who deal with them

shitewaterfalls is a blog about the strange and stupid things that happen in the world of contracting and construction.

Stupid customers, stupid clients, stupid workers, stupid managers. Stupidity everywhere!

Written by the people who have been there.

3:57PM - Purple Pussy comes to lj.

A new comic is born. For fans/readers of the Purple Pussy Comic there is now a syn community. purplepussy_xml. Add, read, and laugh your ass off.

5:31PM - A Daily Adventure: Travelling the world with a young hippie maniac


Just added a syndication of http://adailyadventure.com/journal a travel website focusing on world travel and being a nomad.

it can be found at: adailyadventure

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