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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, May 1, 2004

12:30PM - Food blogs

Before I had an lj, I read a collection of food blogs every day. Now that we can syndicate to our hearts content, I started adding some of these wonderful wonderful sites to my flist. Here is a list of the syndicated food blogs available at lj right now. I have stuck an asterisk by the ones I added (that I could remnember), so you know who to blame. I have also added some comments. Many of these have pictures, but I've noted that ones that I find particularly striking.

Appetites* -- New Orleans food blog
Bourrez votre visage -- several writers in northeast US
Bread Coffee Chocolate Yoga* -- what it says
The Cheese Diaries -- cheesemongering blog
Chez Pim -- she travels a lot, she eats a lot, with photos
Chocolate & Zucchini -- Parisian food blog, with pictures
Cooking with Amy -- food writing from San Francisco
FatMan Seoul* Food blog from Korea, with pictures. One of my favorites.
A Filipino Food, Cooking & Recipes Blog* -- what it says, with good pictures
Foodgoat ... something tasty every day* -- Foodgoat and Mrs. Foodgoat eat in Cleveland
The Food Section -- feed from the site's main page -- does not pick up Appetizers
Frost Street* -- mostly food postings from New York City
Il Forno* -- largely baking, some Italian, all good
The Joy of Soup -- soup or the evening, beautiful soup (and other goodies)
I was just really very hungry* classic food porn, with pictures and recipes
Lapin Gourmand* food blog from Montreal, with a companion blog in French that I was too Anglocentered to syndicate
MurrayHill 5 - In My Kitchen* one of my first food blogs -- loving food in Manhattan
Noodle Pie* Food blog from Saigon, with pictures.
An Obsession with Food* classic food blog, US style. The author is in CAlifornia and is a bit upscale for me, but I learn a lot nevertheless
Playing with my food* Not just a food blog, also political commentary and other stuff. The food part is great. Often with pictures.
shiokadelicious!* another foodie in Singapore (is it a trend?)
The Spice Must Flow really fine recipes -- it's all about flavor
Too Many Chefs* a handful of chefs and many ideas and opinions
umami* - SE Asian cooking, a variety of countries and experiences. The author is in Singapore, I believe.

Also of note:
Low-Carb Blog
Taquitos.net's Snack Reviews
Alton Brown's blog not very active at all

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2:33PM - @Delphi

Added the feed:


for those of us addicted to The Real Life Prophecy Game.

If you don't know about this game, give it a visit -- it's fun.

(And if you do join, remember me, my nick there is: Allyson13.)

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8:32PM - Feeds added

Both fairly political:

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11:44PM - Two new feeds for Christians, off the beaten track

The estimable Sean M. Burke has created these two:

the_door is the world’s pretty much only Christian satire magazine.

sojourners is the political and religious magazine of the Christian left.

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