May 3rd, 2004


Galois feed added

I'm a little afraid to do this, because the quality of the discussion on this site has been so high and so respectful on both sides that on some level I'm almost hesitant to publicize it, but it seems selfish not to share, so here goes.

I have created a syndicated account for Gabriel Rosenberg's blog Galois, which of late has become almost exclusively devoted to the same-sex marriage debate and related issues.

Gabriel himself is a mathematician and a conservative Jew; and while to my knowledge he has no legal background, he seems exceptionally well-informed on legal issues. All of these aspects of his background come into play in his approach to the question of the meaning and construction of marriage.

The quality of the debate conducted in the comments is often superb, and while the participants do sometimes become a bit irritable with one another, they very rarely descend from a high basic standard of civility--a true rarity when it comes to internet discussion of this particular set of issues, and one which I very much appreciate.

I think this is a fantastic site, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in SSM, or in the social construction of marriage in the US as a general topic. The new feed can be found here: galoisfeed.

A few sample threads:

On religion and the pluralistic society: here.

On the procreative model of marriage: here (ignore the rudeness in the first couple of comments, it gets better later on), and here.

More on the procreative model, segueing into the "slippery slope" argument (the question of whether recognition of SSM could lead to recognition of other types of "forbidden" marriages: pedophilia, incest, etc.): here.

On the problems inherent in the government using sex as a defining factor when determining who one is permitted to marry: here and here.

On Conservative Judaism's take on homosexuality: first of a four-part series here.

And while I'm here, somewhat more, errr...rambunctious debate on this topic can often be found on the left-wing feminist blog Alas, a blog, which is syndicated at alasablog_rdf. Also excellent, but perhaps not too much fun for those right of center, unless they really enjoy a good hard debate. :-)