May 4th, 2004



I didn't see a listing for this one so I made one. Someone please let me know if there is one already.

ounceofflesh is part of the site Elsewhen which is essentially just an opinion site. I made a feed for that but then realized I didn't much care for more opinion.

Ounce of Flesh is either naked, or sexy pics and info or suggestive comments about female celebs, musicians, models etc. WARNING: nudity. (sometimes fakes but not often)

I'm not really in the know about xml but he had a link for it. If it goes down, someone else might want to make one or something.

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Anime related blog


This is a feed of the Synch Point production blog. This updates almost daily, covering the latest goings on at the Los Angeles based anime production house, including dubbing and production updates, events put on by the company, and other company general information. The company, which an arm of Broccoli and Anime Gamers, produces such titles as FLCL, Di Gi Charat, Aquarian Age, and I'm Gonna Be An Angel.