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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, May 9, 2004

4:02PM - Another SSM Feed: marriagedebate.com

I've created a feed for marriagedebate.com, a forum for debate over the pros and cons of same-sex marriage.


"Maggie Gallagher, Eve Tushnet and others debate the pros and cons of same sex marriage."

The quality of discussion is overall high, and many of the participants dig up interesting studies and statistics to support their arguments.

9:07PM - New computer feed

bugblog is a daily look at computer bugs and fixes for all platforms.

9:08PM - New political syndicated feed - ProgressiveHotline.org

I've created a feed for my new political blog, http://www.progessivehotline.org. The blog is devoted to one patriotic progressive's views on a variety of political subjects, sometimes with tongue in cheek, always with appropriate research and links thrown in.

The feed is at proghotline.

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