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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, May 10, 2004

8:31AM - I didn't make any but. . .


Reuters has a bunch of RSS feeds available, from what I read this is relatively new. Plenty to make, if you want.

And as long as I am here might as well promote my feeds.

shitewaterfalls which is a blog about construction workers, contractors, people in related industries and the stupid things that happen.

littlebits_rss is just a blog of -- stuff. Word stuff. Link stuff. Picture stuff.

Current mood: okay

11:37AM - The Practical Nomad

I've added a feed for Edward Hasbrouck's blog, The Practical Nomad. If you real the adailyadventure feed then you might like this one as well since it covers the same topic, cheap endless travel :)



mymac is a new feed for feature articles and reviews -- Macintosh-specific and otherwise -- from MyMac.com.

Also, macdailynews is a feed of (what else?) daily Mac news from MacDailyNews.com.

4:16PM - New feed: Counterpunch

New feed! It's counterpunchrss, the muck-raking political web site and newsletter.

To give you a taste of it, here's some recent articles from the feed:


Nintendo GameCube fans, there's a new feed... gamecube_news from GameSpot.

There are other feeds for other platforms, which you all are welcome to create. They can be found here.

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