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Syn_Promo - Day

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

1:00PM - Sea of Noise Blog

Please add seaofnoise to read the Sea of Noise Blog (http://seaofnoise.com/blosxom/). This is my non-personal blog (except when I do something entertaining like melt a teapot) with links to interesting stuff and occasional thoughts to go along with them.

I'm interested in geeky things like blogs, XML, open source software, Linux, etc. and the social ramifications thereof. Also the usual things, like music, movies, politics, sex, and the just plain weird. I average about one entry per day.

For those of you who might remember Sea of Noise BBS from the ancient days of FidoNet, NIRVANAnet, and the like--yes, that's me. :)

1:33PM - Two Feeds

shitewaterfalls is the feed for a humor site of (mostly) true stories of what happens with construction workers, contractors, the people who work with them.

The other one is just littlebits_rss which is just your typical editorial/photo/Brooklyn blog stuff.

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9:28PM - shameless self-promotion

i am the author of theraconteur, a weblog based in boston, mass., that examines the issues of the day with a writerly, wannabe-indie, leftist slant. humor is held in high regard, as is common sense and the courier font.

actual URL is www.leadpencil.net/blog

thanks for your time :-)

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