May 20th, 2004

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I've made a few feeds, some of which are new, and some of which are older (that I forgot to mention previously).

nothing_severed, a new feed for a new blog smartly called "Nothing Severed Yet" written by a beginning woodworker that details his projects, problems, and solutions.

He makes all of his project plans available for free under a creativecommons license, which I think is very cool (in fact, I learned about the blog via the CC feed here at LJ).

Unfortunately, the XML feed only gives us the first sentence or so. Poo on it. If anybody feels an itch to scrape that up nice and proper, please feel free :D


defamer_atom is a fabulously snarky and irreverent Hollywood gossip blog that's even fun for me -an avowed Hollywood hater- to read.

This one syndicates the entire post, pictures and all.


boing_boing is a replacement for the old boingboing feed that went kablooey when BB switched to, I think it was, Movable Type (or was it something else? I don't really care, please don't answer). As with all atom feeds I've come across, this one includes the pictures and full text (that the old feed lost).

So, if you've been suffering with a sadly truncated BB feed for a while now, this one works just fine. I think there's another "full" feed out there that works just as well, but I can't remember what it is and don't really care about that either :p I made this one in a fit of desperation the day the old feed died, and it's stuck with me.


downhillbattle - I didn't create this feed, but want to promote it while I'm here, because there are only 14 of you watching this thing (maybe there are other copies of the feed out there, I dunno?). It's a great source for news and strategy regarding the P2P "wars", the RIAA, and how to beat the hell out of both of them. These are the guys who organized the "Grey Tuesday" civil disobedience event, back when the DJ Dangermouse "Grey Album" Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up was making headlines.

If you're reading creativecommons and lawrencelessig (or any of the other permutations of Lawrence Lessig's blog syndicated here) and feel passionate about issues of copyright and information sharing as they pertain to the music industry (regardless of which side you fall on), you should probably be reading Downhill Battle too. And maybe lawgeek, as well (though LawGeek is another of those truncated feeds that make me frothy with annoyance).