May 21st, 2004

Radio geeks et al.

Just because I dig this kind of thing, I've generated a syn to Radio Netherlands Media Network. It's the very latest and biggest news in "traditional electronic media" around the world. Geared towards DXers, Hams, general radio/tv obsessed types, et al.

It's one of those things you're either into or you don't care anything about.

Sorry, I just can't remember the tags right now.
ballet jump

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this_womanswork This Woman's Work by Dawn is a mother's journal, firstborn by biological, then had secondary infertility, followed by a very open adoption.

carriepavlin When Peguins Fly another mother's journal by another facinating woman, and cpavlinphotos is her photo blog

gnomepictures is Chris Pirillo's (used to host Call For Help, and runs lockergnome) photo blog

lorilockwoodrss found her through Gretchen Pirillo's blog, she's studying German (I know, lame description)

And I think that's all the ones I added today...