May 25th, 2004


More Atom Feeds

I totally loathe feeds that don't give the entire content of the article. I've heard others say, though, that they prefer them, for much the same reasons that they're mad about lj-cuts.

Huh. Just ain't no accounting for tastes, eh?

Well, OK, so I guess there's a market for both sorts of feeds. I've therefore created alternate syndicated accounts for a few blogs already syndicated here on livejournal. Unlike the previously existing accounts, these are atom feeds: they give you the entire content, pictures and all.

shortpier is the atom feed for Long Story, Short Pier. (Its truncated feed is syndicated at longstory)

bodyandsoulfeed gives the entire content of the excellent Body
and Soul.

galoisfeed_new gives the full content of Galois.

I've also added two completely new accounts.

The Dark Window amusingly and mean-spiritedly "fisks" the right, with a particular fondness for targetting loony fundamentalists. It's a bit similar to bagocrap, which is unsurprisingly where I came across it. Snickery goodness, if you like that sort of thing. It's syndicated here: darkwindow

Wistful Musings & Howling Rage is the brand new blog of Myca, who has long been one of my favorite commentators on a few poliblogs I follow. Myca is a thoughtful and liberal libertarian (a coherent political position, if also a rarish one), and also a role-player. His blog still has that new car smell, so it's unclear yet whether its focus is going to be more on the personal, the gaming or the political; so far, it looks to be a nice mix. Syndicated here: howlingragefeed

ETA: edited to fix some bad HTML. Sorry!