May 27th, 2004

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English-language international news media

As the US media continues to be unworthy of even the attention that it takes to mock it (well, excepting daily_show), so English-language foreign news sources are a perfect alternative.

I suggest looking at these LJ syndications, which I've listed with my particular favorites first:

Do syn_promo folks have any other favorites?
test pattern

new_rss_feed -- listing new feeds at LJ

I don't think I ever explicitly announced this, so here it is: new_rss_feed is a syndication that automatically lists new syndications at Livejournal. (As most apparently don't ever get formally announced here in syn_promo.)

(FYI -- there seems to be two or three days' delay between each syndication being set up and it appearing in the data file that new_rss_feed's generator looks for new items in.)

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