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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, May 28, 2004


I have created an rss feed of Marc Singer's weblog of I Am NOT The Beastmaster with essays and commentary on books, comics, films, current affairs, politics and religion over at notbeast.

12:22PM - U of Penn Wharton

Excellent feed of reading on finance, health issue and pensions, management, and other business topics, coming in from Knowledge @ Wharton via rsswhartonupenn.

12:52PM - SEC Annual Report Filings

Concurrent with numerous personal interests that RSS keeps fed, for my work I've had a special interest in looking forward to the emergence of syndication for delivery of the huge volume of regulatory and business information. Long long way to go, but as I've noted in several previous entries under this LJ community, government RSS is on the way.

One government agency I myself have had an eye on for this, given the extremely huge volume of traffic and the need to scan titles of that traffic quickly and efficiently without unnecessarily overloading things has been the SEC, particularly for the annual reports filed by publicly traded companies. As far as I know, the SEC itself still does not have any official RSS feeds, but the next best thing is available at edgarannual.

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