May 29th, 2004 feed publishes on radical news, politics and commentary that strives to take into account the diverse overlaps among heterosexism, racism, male chauvinism, and class privilege that continue to marginalize queers of color, even by queer-supportive and anti-racist agendas that subtly impose their norms and restrictions.

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Dave Farber's Interesting People maillist

I have added farber_ip, which is David J. Farber's Interesting People mailing list running through a mail-to-RSS gateway service provided by MailBucket.

The list, which has been around for at least 11 years now, is a mix of technology and political news, and occasional commentary, all carefully filtered and disseminated by Internet enigma and former FCC Chief Technologist David J. Farber.

After much searching in vain for an RSS or Atom feed, I found this one after stumbling across, and just on a whim, typing in what I thought a likely URL for a feed for the list would be. Jackpot. I'm sure it's not authorized, and who knows how long it will last.

A few caveats: MailBucket truncates long posts, doesn't decode quoted-printable (I've sent a bug report about that), and adds an unfortunate "report this message as spam" link, the consequences of following I'm not certain about. So it might be better to just subscribe to the mailing list and read posts the old-fashioned way.