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Syn_Promo - Day

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Feed for www.stupidcelebrity.com , pretty self explanatory.



blog_of_death honors the recently deceased with links to obituaries of the famous, infamous and interesting unknowns. People may die, but on the Web, their legacy lives on. Recent obits include: A 6-year-old hero, Dr. Death and the King of the Alps.

jadedwritings: Delve into the mind of Jade Walker, a Seattle writer with a unique perspective of the world. Columns are published every Monday, and contain a broad range of topics and opinions. This week's column: Reality TV.

afterthoughts__: Jade Walker's Weblog offers commentary on her life, loves and intriguing Internet finds. Recent topics include: Amazon wish lists, Henry Rollins quotes, writer birthdays and laundry lawsuits.

2:19PM - New The Agonist site

the_agonist_sco is the syndication feed for The Agonist‘s new Scoop webpage. the_agonist is still pointing to the old site, and hasn’t updated in a week or so.
For those who don’t know, The Agonist is ’Fast Paced, Progressive News And Commentary From Around The World’

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