June 19th, 2004

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Yahoo RSS feeds

I created syndicated feeds for all of the Yahoo groups I'm in that have public archives.

tivocentral_y, tivodash_y, tivosuggestuk_y, replayusers_y, dvr_y, dvr2_y, jamesburke_y, pmx_y, axny_y, animecons_y, animeconvent_y, animeexpo_y, ax2001_y, outrageousjem_y, atari_y, exgenuityeis_y

I encourage everyone to do the same for any Yahoo groups you're part of. It is extremely easy. You can get a listing of your groups here, once you're signed in. Any group that has public archives will have an RSS link on the home page - Get newest messages in RSS. The links are in the form of http://rss.groups.yahoo.com/group/name-of-group/rss. You just plug the URL into the form at the bottom of this page: http://www.livejournal.com/syn/ You do have to have a paid LJ account to create new syndicated feeds.
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New at LJ: The Buffalo Report links

I've just set up buffalo_report, from the RSS for The Buffalo Report, a US politics, art, and culture site. The feed features about three or four links a day (on average), mostly to stories in the media but also often to stories in the Buffalo Report newsletter.

To give you a taste, here's some recent items:

  • Harry Levin and the penultimate manuscript of Finnegans Wake -- June 16 is the centenary of the fictive day immortalized in James Joyce's Ulysses, the day in which Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus prowled the streets of 'dear dirty Dublin.' Maybe this is a good time to tell you how Harry Levin found out what happened to the manuscript that could unlock James Joyce's final secrets (15 June 2004)
  • Secret world of US jails -- It's not just Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, and it looks like the Bush administration is taking Alan Dershowitz's advocacy of torture seriously. [...]
  • FBI as art critic: pursuing a petri dish in Seattle -- (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). The persecution of Buffalo artist Steve Kurtz spans the continent, with FBI agents asking a Seattle museum curator "incredibly inflammatory questions." (Meanwhile, back in Buffalo, they're issuing subpoenas to Kurtz's students.) Aren't there some old-fashioned bank robbers and corporate crooks out there that these guys would better spend their time on? (18 June 2004)
  • Kurt Nimmo: Republicans set up phony web site to sabotage Michael Moore's "9/11" -- (CounterPunch [=counterpunchrss]). They really don't want you to see that film. Which means you've got to, and take the entire family, including that idiot cousin who is planning to vote for Bush a second time because he thinks he's tough on terrorism. (14 June 2004)
  • Fox News censured for rant at BBC (Guardian) -- You knew that Fox News makes it up as it goes along. In the US, that's no problem because we have freedom of speech and a news channel can lie as much as it likes. Great Britain has slightly different rules. [...]
  • Nat Parry: Bush's 'Apex' of Government -- (ConsortiumNews). "Bush’s belief in his unlimited authority is implicit in a series of administration legal opinions. They include Bush’s declaration that he has the power to arrest and indefinitely imprison anyone he deems an 'enemy combatant,' no need for charges or a trial.
  • Sidney Young: Pavlov's Media. -- Our poet pal Sidney Young kept kvetching about the media coverage of George Bushs's parachute jump."He was strapped to the guy with the parachute. A dead man could have made that kind of jump. A suitcase could have made that kind of jump. And did you see them landing--Bush with his legs out grinning like an idiot and that other guy holding him snuggly tight. It was a dirty picture." "Stop jabbering," we said, "go write a poem about it." He did. (19 June 2004)
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