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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, June 19, 2004


yanimegiantes2  3008

ycapsulecorp   903

yfanimeconnews   844

ycatgirllovers     840

yanimelovers   114

ysaiyanbloodlin  2069

yunderhangin   1273

yandysanimegirl  1071

ymeteorshowers   3607


ywanbastronomer  1025

yforensicsci   2000

yquantumalt  233

have fun I'll probly do more tomarow or something.



Current mood: creative


I just syndicated a bunch of about.com sites.

aboutaltmusic alternative music
aboutatheism atheism
aboutbeadwork beadwork
abotubeauty beauty (I typo'd on this, is there a way to fix it?)
aboutdepression depression
aboutmacs macs
aboutlosangeles Los Angeles
about80smusic 80s music
aboutsleep sleep disorders
aboutbodyart body art

Any other requests?


For those who are into weather, particularly hurricanes, I've made accounts for the National Hurricane Center's Atlantic and Eastern Pacific RSS feeds. On the feeds, you'll receive tropical weather outlooks along with advisories (if there's a storm in the area).

Atlantic: govhurricanesat
Eastern Pacific: nhc_ep


1:43PM - First Monday

I just added a syndication feed for the peer-reviewed Internet journal First Monday


The peer-reviewed journal was started in 1996 and is published by the University of Illinois-Chicago Library.

2:07PM - Yahoo RSS feeds

I created syndicated feeds for all of the Yahoo groups I'm in that have public archives.

tivocentral_y, tivodash_y, tivosuggestuk_y, replayusers_y, dvr_y, dvr2_y, jamesburke_y, pmx_y, axny_y, animecons_y, animeconvent_y, animeexpo_y, ax2001_y, outrageousjem_y, atari_y, exgenuityeis_y

I encourage everyone to do the same for any Yahoo groups you're part of. It is extremely easy. You can get a listing of your groups here, once you're signed in. Any group that has public archives will have an RSS link on the home page - Get newest messages in RSS. The links are in the form of http://rss.groups.yahoo.com/group/name-of-group/rss. You just plug the URL into the form at the bottom of this page: http://www.livejournal.com/syn/ You do have to have a paid LJ account to create new syndicated feeds.

Current mood: relaxed

2:50PM - New at LJ: The Buffalo Report links

I've just set up buffalo_report, from the RSS for The Buffalo Report, a US politics, art, and culture site. The feed features about three or four links a day (on average), mostly to stories in the media but also often to stories in the Buffalo Report newsletter.

To give you a taste, here's some recent items:

Current mood: buffalinous
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