June 20th, 2004



I have no life as you can see :


ydanifilth  for Dani Filth fans

ykibasbrain     this is just weird I saw it and had to read it.

ybattleroyale   battle royale film fans

yshutterbabe   women in photography

ykaospusen  rando live journal shareing group

ykatemulgrew   kate mulgrew fans

ythefishtank   A fish group on yahoo

ycompaniondogs   a dog group


I just may not rest untill all groups are listed on live journal- god I hope im off bed rest soon

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I've just read through the entire archive of the comic "Wigu", and enjoyed it greatly.

LJ didn't seem to have a feed for it (I couldn't find one anyway) so I went and Googled for one.
Here it is!

As it's a new feed to LJ, the latest ten comics appear all at once, that shouldn't occur in future.