June 22nd, 2004

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John Gorenfeld's Blog

Journalist John Gorenfeld tracks the political activities of Reverend Sun Myung Moon: theocrat, self-proclaimed Messiah, proprietor of the Unification Church, and owner of the Washington Times newspaper, United Press International, Insight Magazine, Bridgeport University, and many other institutions and organizations. Gorenfeld's blog has been syndicated here for some time as gorenfeld. Due to changes at Gorenfeld's domain (www.gorenfeld.net), his blog about Moon and related topics is now syndicated as gorenfeld.
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Dan Shapiro, the author and owner of Nothing Severed Yet (a woodworking 'blog I promoted here a few weeks ago), has asked that we point LJ toward a new URL for his syndication:
[...]I changed my syndication format. Let me know (dan -at- danshapiro -dot- com) if you have any problems reading it. It will probably reset you "unread items" count--sorry about that. If you're reading via the Livejournal feed, please redirect your reader to www.danshapiro.com/blog/index.xml instead to take advantage of it (and simplify my statistics tracking)[...]
I've created a new feed, nothingsevered to reflect his wishes; if you subscribe to the previous feed (nothing_severed), please dump it and sign up with the new one (again, that's nothingsevered).

I'll go try to find the link to report an unwanted feed now...
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Added: garage_games, the news feed from GarageGames.Com

Info: What's happening in the world of independent games. A news feed for game players with information on new game releases, free demos and reviews.