June 26th, 2004

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I moved theonionfeed from its crappy old feed over to my achingly aweome feed for it. Now on Tuesdays it will show links to all the new items and to the mainpage. If this is a bit much (since it does produce fifteen or so headlines), you can instead subscribe to one of the Onion Horoscope feeds -- and when you see a new one of those on Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on timezones and whatnot), then you'll know there's a new issue out.
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CAP Alert = Cahiers du Cinéma + fundamentalist Texan Christianity!

I encourage you to friend the new syndication capalert. It's movie evaluations from CAP Alert (ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture), which I see as sort of like Cahiers du Cinéma meets fundamentalist Texan Christianity.

Here's some of their recent reviews:

  • Dodgeball -- "PG-13 -- a true R-13, maybe X-13. And another promotion of homosexuality/lesbianism to young teens. [...] one use of the most foul of the foul words [...] punk attire [...] male thong nudity in a wall painting, repeatedly"
  • Saved! -- "attacks and ridicules Scripture and Christian doctrine. [...] teen trespassing [...] portrayal of parents as shallow and cheap [under the category of "impudence" -- SMB] [...] below navel skin - female; suggestive eye movement; sex comments, repeatedly [...] teen exposing breasts at Christian school assembly and with no consequences [...] thanking Jesus for seeing teen girl's breasts [...] portraying Jesus and faith as shallow"
  • The Terminal -- "adult tantrum; lies, including to circumvent regulations [...] two uses of God's name in vain with the four letter expletive; adulterous relationship, repeatedly; adulterous kiss, twice [...] sex talk, twice; gambling with women's underwear"
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dr. mecola syn

hi there, this is my first time adding a syndicated feed.... I started mercola for those of us who want health updates from the mercola website. his stuff is always full of excellent info, I highly suggest checking it out if you are even the tiniest bit health conscious. :)