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Syn_Promo - Day

Tuesday, July 6, 2004


I'm looking for Syndicated feeds related to emulation, file sharing, Bit Torrent and unconventional electronic music.

Any suggestions?

Current mood: chill


curbed, a blog about New York real estate, is now syndicated.

10:25AM - German feed (Literatur-Cafe)

The German site "Das Literatur-Café" has an RSS feed. As I thought that there might be other German speaking users here who read the side (who knows), I added it as a feed.

Hopefully I did everything right. It can be found at de_litcafe.

2:48PM - Mac Lovers Unite!

Enjoy the joyoftech feed I just created!

Current mood: content

3:14PM - security mentor

security_mentor contains computer security advice for "normal people" -- articles your grandmother can understand, without talking down to everyone else.

4:02PM - first time post

I just recently created rightrainbow because I enjoy reading the blog. rightrainbow.com is a blog of a right wing gay texan, his writings can keep you thinking all day.

5:30PM - Harry Potter book 6 and movie 4 news

Two new feeds to introduce:

book6 News, rumors and information on the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (book 6)
gof_news Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie news (coming late 2005)

Both of these are part of the Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator's collection of news feeds broken down by category. As our main news feed hpana nears 500 subscribers, I thought it might be useful to create these two new channels for people who aren't uberfans but just want to keep up-to-date on the latest book 6 and Goblet of Fire happenings. Enjoy!


ychronicpaindev, a daily feed of "A daily devotional for people who live with chronic illness or pain. Christian writings, a program of Rest Ministries, Inc http://www.restministries.org."

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