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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, July 9, 2004


Project Gutenberg provide free eBooks; they currently have a library of over 10 000 texts, and that number increases every day. They also have a RSS feed listing their new additions, updated daily. It's now syndicated as gutenbergupdate.

Unfortunately, this feed makes one post for every new/altered book, which means that once a day, it spits out ten or so simultaneous posts. In the event that there's a workaround for this that doesn't involve asking PG to change the way they produce their RSS feed, I am open to suggestions!

10:05AM - Sexy Feeds

capn_cum_atom - From Captain Cum, the pics are generally het-male-centric, but the sex news is for everyone. I just created the account.
sxxxy_feed - Has been promo-ed here before, but nyxx from metafilter has his (her?) own sex news blog, syndicated here.

Now, of course, the reasons for posting things here are reduced, since the points system has died... and yet I swear the # of posts are up

FYI, both feeds are text-only, so SFW, iff you don't have someone over your shoulder at all times. However both their linked articles usually have at least one pic, and sxxxy's always has an NSFW banner ad.
Of course, if you're reading LJ at work, and looking at friends filters that have sex in them, there may be other problems.

Current mood: horny


I made a few ESPN.com columnist feeds:


Current mood: accomplished


New feeds:

Overheard in New York City: overheardnyc

Cityrag blog (about NYC): cityrag


Just a couple of feeds from the sport pages of the UK's Telegraph newspaper.

telegraph_footy - for all things related to the English Premier League Football (Soccer) League.
telegraph_sport - sports of all sorts.

5:39PM - Mosiac TV

mosaic_tv is a feed for the LinkTV series Mosaic which is a compilation of daily news programs from various countries in the Middle East. The RSS feed links to a streaming presentation of an entire episode, so there is a few days lag before they put each episode up. But it is still an excellent way to get an idea of various Middle Eastern perspectives on world news.

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