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Syn_Promo - Day

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Created a couple more about.com feeds:
aboutanimals: Animals
about_euhistory: European history
aboutexoticpets: Exotic pets

Also, a feed for the latest reviews on rateyourmusic.com:


rnc_watch . Of special interest to those going to protest at The Rep. Convention in NYC

7:13PM - New feeds, all politics/punditry

brett_marston: Original, highly perceptive, sorely underappreciated. This is some Volokh Conspiracy quality blogging here. I reccomend this one.

stevesachs: Moderate and scholarly. Great guy that delivers good material pretty solidly.

red_n_blue: Karl Chang and Mitch Webber, two Yale graduates currently attending Harvard Law School. Moderate on domestic policy, but very hawkish and militant on foriegn policy. Wouldn't reccomend this to anyone who can't stomach a few Coulter quotes or some occaisional tainted rhetoric spewing.

talkingdog: The Talking Dog. Liberal, very hit-or-miss.

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