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Syn_Promo - Day

Monday, July 19, 2004


blog_of_death honors the recently deceased with links to obituaries of the famous, infamous and interesting unknowns. People may die, but on the Web, their legacy lives on. Recent obits include: The former editor of the OED, the pilot who bombed Nagasaki and the Frugal Gourmet.

jadedwritings: Delve into the mind of Jade Walker, a Seattle writer with a unique perspective of the world. Columns are published every Wednesday, and contain a broad range of topics and opinions. This week's column: Creating New Holidays.

afterthoughts__: Jade Walker's Weblog offers commentary on her life, loves and intriguing Internet finds. Recent topics focus on name changes, writer birthdays, bikini waxes and the new FDNY calendar.

11:06AM - RealCajunRecipes.com Last 10 Recipes

Someone (I don't know who) setup my RSS feed on RealCajunRecipes.com as an LJ synidcator. Thanks anonymous person!

The latest 10 recipes approved by our great aunts and then uploaded to the RealCajunRecipes.com database. Over 600+ Authentic Cajun Recipes currently available.


MP3 Blogs Aggregator is now syndicated as mp3blogaggregat.

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