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Syn_Promo - Day

Saturday, July 24, 2004

3:21AM - Craig's List

For any Craig's List junkies, they now have RSS feeds for quite a few of their listing pages...

SO, without further ado, we now have a syndication of the DC Craig's List "Free Stuff" listings! *cheering from random wackos*


8:34AM - HIV/AIDS Information Feeds

x-posted to syn_promo

aids_hiv This syndicated feed is from About.Com and has current information in non-medical terms.

pozhealth This syndicated feed is from the Yahoo Group Poz Health. You can read messages posted by group members but will need to join the group to post to the list. It is moderated and spam-free.

5:44PM - Diesel Sweeties feed change

I don't think that this has been mentioned here, but the feed for the Diesel Sweeties comic changed recently.

It am now be: dieselsweet

(I've only just found this out myself, this'd be why dieselsweet hasn't worked for a while)

10:08PM - Diesel Sweeties

LiveJournal now has two active and updated Diesel Sweeties feeds, which are now happily working. (Reports of their demise have been exaggerated.)

If you want the daily cartoon's image on your Friends' Page, befriend dieselsweet.

Instead, if you want just the URL of each daily strip on your Friends' Page (which you can click thru to see the actual strip), befriend dieselsweet.

Diesel Sweeties is a neato little online cartoon that comes out about every weekday.

That is all!

Current mood: eventual

10:26PM - the Netlabel Catalogue

hi all,

i've just syndicated netlabelcatalog, a feed of the Netlabel Catalogue, the list of free online labels

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