August 1st, 2004


The Leaky Cauldron's new feed

Hi all! I'm the managing editor of the Harry Potter news site The Leaky Cauldron (link fixed now - thanks!) - our main news feed, leaky_cauldron, had at the time of this posting about 2300 watchers - and I've just delved into the world of categorized feeds, so here goes nothing.

Our book six feed, booksix_leaky, which contains all news about the sixth Harry Potter book, to be called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince gained about 150 viewers in its first day and is growing fast.

We've also created goffilm_leaky for news about the fourth HP movie, and ootpfilm_leaky for news about the fifth.

We've also (finally - can't believe it took us this long) chopped our news up into categories, all of which are viewable in the drop down boxes on the sidebar of the main news page. They include actor categories, a J.K. Rowling category, and so on. There are close to 30, and there will be more in the future.

Thanks so much!
Everything else is child's play.

DealMeIn.Net RSS Feed

I created a feed for it at dealmein_net and I must says it's pretty sweet. Yesterday I saw a mobo/power supply/case combo' for 30 dollars after rebates, a 200 gig' drive for 80 dollars, and 128 meg' video card for 60, and today...

...I saw 100 comdoms for 25 dollars.