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Syn_Promo - Day

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

1:16PM - Summer Olympics syndication Feeds

With the Olympic Games right around the corner, I did some looking around for olympic news feeds. I also created a few that were not already on LJ.

nyt_olympics - Newly Ceated New York Times Olympics news feed.
rssyenraolympic - General Olympics News
ahn_olympics - All Headline News Olympics news agregator.
topix_solympics - Topix headline agregator-Summer Olympics News
moreoverolympic - olympics news feed from moreover.com
rssbbcolympic04 - BBC Olympics News feed


lies_dot_com - Syndicating www.lies.com , a blog about lies and exposing them. Mostly political, but some random stuff too.

2:21PM - Daly Thoughts

Syndicated the political blog, Daly Thoughts (http://www.dalythoughts.com/):



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