August 12th, 2004


My Syndications

Been a while since I posted this list:

aboutfreebies - If you like Free Stuff, this is for you.
ahn_olympics - Aggregate Olympics Feed - a necessity for the Olympics Junkie
awfulplasticsur - See pictures of bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery
bill_simmons - ESPN Sports guy and Red Sox Lover (poor guy)
blog_of_death - Not as depressing as you think. Really interesting obits.
dalythoughts - Cool political blog on the conservative side of the street; follows presidential polls
electoralvote - Daily poll tracker, liberal side of the street
hpana - Aggregate of Harry Potter news
hunkoftheday - Cute guy of the day and you vote on the next picture!
intersex_int - Intersex Initiative
is_pisces - My daily Pisces fix
kittenbreak - Kitten of the Day
markevanier - Cool commentary about everything from politics to media
medscapenews - Medical news
makinglight - Science Fiction Editors and Big Named Fans
obamablog - Blog of IL Senate Candidate Barack Obama (doesn't update as often as I'd like)
pdx_communique - Everything you wanted to know about Portland and Oregon politics
peterdavidblog - Peter David's news and views (mostly very liberal)
pharyngula - Biology professor takes on Creationists and talks about Biology too
pvp_comic - Funniest online comic around. I know these people well. :)
romanticsf - Romantic SF release info/reviews
sci_fi_wire - Sci-Fi's channel's SF/F/H news - good way to keep up with stuff
sciam - Scientific American feed
semagic_files - If you use Semagic as your LJ editor, you need this feed!
sfi_org - Announcements list of some Organization I belong to.
slagoon_comic - Another seriously funny comic
slushgod - the slush reader for Fantasy and SF explains all
stupidceleb - Dumb things celebrities do. Britney is there a lot.
thelingualnerve - Aggregate of medical school and young doctor blogs
varioussundry - Audie talks about everything and it's cool. He's a big fan of American Idol
wilwheaton - Ex-TNG star and geek has a really cool blog.
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Free WiFi

free_wifi has been created.
Free WiFi keeps track of all free WiFi sites around the country (US). The blog they have up allows people to know when they have updated their list and other WiFi news.
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