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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, August 13, 2004


I just started two Syndicated communities (well one and one I've had for a couple weeks now).

snopes_dot_com is the RSS of Snopes.com, a site that confirms or debunks urban legends.

In a bit of self-promotion, I have my own photoblog that I'm using till LJ's photo hosting is up and at 'em.  That is mobilenave if anyone wants to join :)

10:53AM - Health and Fitness Feeds

I just created four feeds from the About.com website:

about_exercise - Exercise headlines
about_stress - Stress Management headlines
about_vegtarian - Vegetarian headlines
about_walking - Walking headlines

Crossposted to real_fitness and dietingsupport


I just made an RSS feed on LJ from the about.com thyroid website: about_thyroid.

10:14PM - Craig's List Norfolk

I went ahead and made a Craig's List for Norfolk, VA.  norfolk_crgslst    Craig's list is a well known classified listing site.  I personally just love the free section :D

If you aren't near Norfolk, see if there's a Craig's List section for your area ;)


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