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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, October 15, 2004

12:35AM - The Picket Line

Explanatory notes for thepicketline:

Like most Americans, I supported the government and its war – I can look at an old W2 form to see just how much. I didn't want to support the government, but I have to admit that my support was in dollars and cents, while my opposition was just an opinion.

Finally I decided that my lack of
moral support isn't enough. To follow my conscience I have to put my money where my mouth is.

When the war on Iraq started, I stopped paying the federal income tax and started working for my values instead of against them. I quit my job and deliberately reduced my income to the point where I no longer owe federal income tax. I've transformed my life, concentrating on what really matters, so that I can live well and securely on a lower income.

I'm taking a practical approach, learning about the tax law and about how to live well by being down-to-earth and sensibly frugal. I'm learning how to live within my means without paying federal income tax – honestly, peacefully, and legally.

I think we have to
earn a country that we can be proud of – through hard work and practical changes, and not through complaining or wishful thinking. It has to start with each one of us deciding to put all of our effort on the side of our values, instead of allowing so much of our effort to be stolen by the tax man and used against us and what we believe in.

On this blog, I talk about this experiment in living my beliefs – why I chose this path and what I'm learning along the way.

— David Gross

12:21PM - New feed


A feed for Abu Aardvark, an interesting blog with commentaries on politics and current affairs, the Middle East, and the occasional pop culture.

Current mood: accomplished

5:00PM - New Political News Site: The Regular

I've added a syndication feed, the_regular_rss, for the new political news site The Regular. This site uses a Slashdot-style news posting and commenting system to post important stories from American politics. The site does have a liberal slant, based on the set of stories posted at this time, but it looks to be news-focused, rather than action-focused like sites like Buzzflash.

10:38PM - taphophilia dot com- a repository of morbid curiosites.

I've just added a feed to Taphophilia dot com

the website describes itself as "A repository of morbid curiosities Thanatology and Taphophile Issues, Cemetery, Funeral Industry and Death Related News."

Some recent stories include-Skull in Poet Petrarch's Tomb Not His. Family's Plea over 'Evil' Grave-Robbers. New German cannibal killing and many other strange news stories about death and burial.

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