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Syn_Promo - Day

Friday, November 12, 2004

1:16AM - Magical Mayhem

Quick pimp:

A feed is now available for Magical Mayhem, a list Jade Okelani and I run (updates and discussion re: our Harry Potter fan fiction). More details at jade_and_sarea.


religionnewsblo Religion News blog carries links to news articles about cults, splinter groups, and the shadier side of many different religions. NOT affiliated with any religion, as far as I can tell. Updated often.

4:19PM - New feed: FrontlinePBS

New feed: frontlinepbs, for episode news (showtimes, transcripts, special features, and "watch online" links) for the PBS documentary series, Frontline.

So you can get a taste, here's the past few items:

Current mood: infotated/edutained

4:26PM - New comic feed: dykestwofstrip, Dykes To Watch Out For

New feed: dykestwofstrip, for the comic Dykes To Watch Out For by Allison Bechdel (whose blog is here as dykestwofstrip)

(An example recent strip)

4:42PM - New comic feed: pokeypeng, Pokey The Penguin

New feed: pokeypeng, for the surrealist not-very-frequent comic Pokey The Penguin.

(An example recent strip)

Current mood: transantarctic

5:07PM - New to LJ: the comics ShaBot 6000 and Sh'koyach, two Jewy Jew Jewish strips

New to LJ: the comics feeds shabot6000 and shkoyach, for ShaBot 6000 and Sh'koyach, two Jewy Jew Jewish strips. Jew.

Example recent strips: "What if Jews lived in the Matrix" and "Parsha Parsha PARSHA!"

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