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Syn_Promo - Day

Thursday, November 18, 2004

12:47AM - New Feeds from FOXSports.com

There’s a new set of official feeds from the FOX Sports website, which I syndicated here as:

foxsports All headlines

foxsports_cbk NCAA College Basketball

foxsports_cfl NCAA College Football

foxsports_golf Golf

foxsports_mlb Major League Baseball

foxsports_nba NBA Basketball

foxsports_nfl NFL Football

foxsports_nhl NHL Hockey

foxsports_wnba WNBA Basketball

foxsportshorses Horse racing

foxsportsnascar NASCAR Auto Racing

foxsportssoccer Soccer

foxsportstennis Tennis


[info]spacenews</span> - Astronomy and robotic space exploration

Thanks to </a></b></a>paranoidandroid

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