December 15th, 2004

Nuclear Pronunciation
  • cparker

DNC: Kicking Ass

I've gone and done it.

There are two syndicated accounts for the Democratic National Committee's "Kicking Ass" blog already. They are:

  1. dnc_kicking_ass (RSS 0.91)
  2. kickin_ass (RSS 2.0)
The first one only provides short summaries of each blog entry.

The second one provides full content (sans images) of each blog entry.

I recreated the second one: democratsblog

Why? Well, first, "kickin" ain't a word, foo'. Second, from the name kickin_ass, is anyone going to know what exactly it is? No.

Additionally, I'd much rather syndicate a journal named democratsblog than kickin_ass. It just presents itself in a more professional manner.

Not saying "Kicking Ass" isn't a clever name for a blog, because I think it is...

If ALL of them could be deleted, and dnc_kicking_ass could be reinstated to point to the RSS 2.0 feed, then I'd be equally as happy. Really, I mean, why create a syndicated account that points to an RSS 0.91 feed? IMHO, it's a waste.

Okay. I'm done.
ThinkGeek Monkey Case Badge
  • cparker The Enterprise Linux Resource

I noticed that didn't have a syndicated account here, so I fixed that. is a part of the OSTG, which houses the likes of Slashdot, SourceForge, and ThinkGeek, among others.

linuxdotcom's description on the OSTG site:

A concentrated audience of IT professionals turns to for the 360º view of Linux and Open Source to help them understand and gauge the implications of adopting Linux in their organizations, as well as current trends around Open Source. From bleeding-edge technical discussions to migration and TCO information, supports the strategic business efforts of IT professionals in any size organization.
Update frequency is about 1-2 entries daily.
Lovecraftian green eye
  • meepeek

Alien loves Predator

I've added Alien vs. Predator to the feeds. If you're unfamiliar, it's a web comic based on the adventures of an alien and a predator living together as roommates in NYC. (My description doesn't do it justice, you really have to read it to appreciate it.)