December 31st, 2004

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Fans of old time radio, classic movies, film noir, and vintage TV can rejoice: the thrillingdays feed is suddenly working again.

Syndicated from the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear blog, the thrillingdays feed will help you meet your daily quotient of pop culture nostalgia in the new year.

Re-promoting some other feeds I enjoy:

Especially for the Apple Army: macdailynews, appleinsider, and mymac

For media junkies: Rex Sorgatz's fimoculous and Jim Romenesko's medianews

Haven't you heard? Roller derby is back in action! Get ready to rumble with derbyworld

Last but not least, there's johnshirleyblog, the repository for thoughts from author (Crawlers, Black Butterflies, City Come A-Walkin', the Eclipse trilogy), screenwriter (The Crow), and musician John Shirley.
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