January 10th, 2005


San Jose Inside

I set up this syndication for people in Northern California or others who might be interested... The following article comes from the San Jose Mercury News.

New forum for ex-mayor [of San Jose]

Former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery left San Jose City Hall in 1990, but he's never been shy about weighing in on the state of affairs at 801 N. First St. Just ask Ron Gonzales.

Until now, McEnery has relied on an occasional op-ed piece or speech to the Rotary Club to air his invariably strong opinions. But starting today, he'll have a new arena of his own making: San Jose Inside (sanjoseinside), a Web log that McEnery is launching, intriguingly, with Gonzales' former chief of staff, Jude Barry.

A bit of history: Barry was Gonzales' most trusted aide for a long span of his political career. But he left the mayor's office in 2000 under, shall we say, strained circumstances after the mayor admitted his affair with his then-aide, and now-wife, Guisselle Nuñez.

Barry and Gonzales no longer talk. But after Barry left City Hall, he became friendly with McEnery, a longtime Gonzales antagonist, which led to their current venture. So will San Jose Inside serve as a forum to criticize Gonzales?

``The focus is going to be on what's happening in San Jose and the valley,'' McEnery told IA. And ``the mayor of the city is always going to be a focus of what's happening in the city.'' But it won't be all about Gonzales. For example, McEnery said he intends to write about opposition among some county officials to the full BART-to-San Jose extension, which the former mayor said displays ``some combination of arrogance and denseness.''

Barry, for his part, said he doesn't plan to use the site as a forum to bash his former boss. Yes, he'll write about San Jose, but he also plans to weigh in on state and national politics, particularly as they relate to what's happening here. Barry also cautioned that he and McEnery sometimes disagree, and those differences would be reflected on the site.

Barry said they have already recruited some notable guest bloggers, including former San Jose political consultant Joe Trippi, a key player in Howard Dean's boom-and-bust presidential campaign; CNN political commentator Carlos Watson; actor Alec Baldwin; and playwright Lupe Valdez, wife of playwright Luis Valdez.


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Thailand Tsunami blog

thailandtsunami has the following description:

One of the bloggers on the Bangkok edition of metblogs.com is documenting disaster relief efforts in Phuket, day to day, with snapshots and a detailed first-person account. The blog contains very detailed reports on the daily relief efforts and updates from Phuket, Thailand. Warning: some of the photos and desccriptions are very graphic.