February 1st, 2005


A few new feeds

hanzismatter_fd: From HanziSmatter.com, where you can find out what all those Japanese/Chinese pictogram tattoos really mean.
lifehacker: Gawker Media's Lifehacker.com, which details tips and tricks for managing information and time.
tealeaves_atom: A personal blog which talks primarily about computer/console games and gaming.
turpish_slapped: The articles, etc. from Jenny Turpish Slapped Me.
wardomatic: Notes from an Animator in Atlanta. Most recently featured on Boingboing.net for his deconstruction of why The Polar Express didn't work.
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A reminder on feed URL changes

Often when a feed's URL changes, it can be hard to resist the temptation to create a new syndicated account on LiveJournal with a different account name and let the old account just languish. However, there exist special people on LiveJournal who can have a feed's URL changed for you if the feed has moved: e-mail support@livejournal.com to reach them.

That said, I thought I'd mourn the passing of jwz's feed of downhillbattle, after it took me ages to notice that it hasn't updated for five months now. Sadly, the temptation to create a new account proved too great for one lost soul, who took the new feed over at http://downhillbattle.org/node/feed/ and used it to create downhillbattle.

Edit 02:32: Problem solved! You may notice the last <lj user> tag has changed: find out why...